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Fundraising Night Market at Pelican Heatherton

Our Pelican Early Learning Heatherton centre is holding a Fundraising Night Market on Friday 20th April 2018 from 7:00 pm– 9:00 pm.  All funds raised on the night will be generously donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. This is a great opportunity to come along and raise money for a fantastic cause.   Our centre and local businesses will have a wide range of stalls set up, in addition to a range of fun activities […]


The Importance of Play

By Dr Kaylene Henderson Child Psychiatrist There is abundant research about the importance of play in children’s lives. In fact, play is now considered to be so essential for children’s development that it has been recognised by the UN High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child. Let’s look at the ways […]


Effective Transition To School

“Can you tell me about your School Readiness Program?” is possibly the most asked question of Centre Managers, followed closely by “Do you think my son/daughter is ready for School?” The concept of readiness; and more broadly, being capable to emotionally process the complexity of transitions, is the fundamental base of any quality transition to […]


Settling Your Child Into Care

The first days at our service can be exciting and a little daunting but we want you to know that at Pelican Childcare we are here to put your mind at ease, we want your child to feel nurtured and comfortable with the Educators and their environment. As this is such an important time in both […]


Paper Trains

The 14th of May is Train Day so to celebrate we put together a little recycled train made up of toilet rolls, bottle caps, paddle pop ticks, paint and paper! Why not cho-cho-choose to make something similar with your child on a cosy afternoon in this Autumn. Materials Toilet paper rolls Milk bottle lids Paint […]


Our Door is Always Open: Parents as Partners

We believe you are your child’s first teacher and therefore we embrace parent, guardian and family involvement within our centres. We encourage participation in our curriculum which can be as simple as sharing something of interest from home or extending on the curriculum at home. By engaging with our curriculum you will have an insight […]


Our World is Their World – Dramatic Play

Imaginary play, role play or dramatic play in early childhood lays a foundation for children’s development of dispositions for learning. Whether it be ‘small world’ play with little figurines, cars and dolls houses or ‘real world’ play where children have the opportunity to become whoever they want and explore the world with no boundaries, this […]