The 3 Year old Program at Pelican Lynbrook

Within the Pre-kinder Room at Pelican Lynbrook, we run a three year olds program which benefits all aspects of children’s learning.

The Aim 

This room was designed to provide children with an environment where they can develop their skills, capabilities, interest and talents.


The Approach 

We use a ‘Child Interest’ approach to learning. This has the educators interacting with the children at their level and using intentional teaching to extend on children’s thinking.

We often encourage them to ask questions, and engage in conversations about things that exite them. By integrating learning into play and exploration, we are able to engage children in experiences that develop a variety of skills. This includes language skills, imagination, social skills, self-confidence and independent behaviours. At Pelican Lynbrook, we reciognise that each child is unique, and so our aim is to thoroughly cater for the needs of each individual child.


Child- led Program 

We understand the value in being responsive and listening to a child’s ideas. So, we create learning environments that actively increase a child’s drive to know more. 

Our educators see the environment as the third teacher and therefore utilize this within the room and into the outside world.

We use local parks as our extended learning environment, where the children can further their skills and confidence.

As part of the high quality care and education that we offer for the children, we are able to provide complete school readiness which includes: 

  • teaching children self-help skills: such as dressing and undressing themselves
  • finger gym: for pre writing skills development
  • community walks: to teach them the importance of caring for the world around us
  • Jumparoo: which engages motor skills, coordination and balance. It also improves a child’s ability to follow directions and instructions. This fosters independence through identity and wellbeing. 
  • Engaging in literacy, math and science experiences both within the classroom and Community Room.
  • We use cooking, art, and music experiences in our Community Room to engage our language, math and science skills and knowledge. Using this separate space allows for the children to escape the normal classroom environment they are in daily and allows for more focused engagement and learning.

“The children in my programme benefit from a room with both flexibility and structure to attune for school readiness. This offers choices through-out the day to empower them and foster their identity and sense of belonging. I believe everyone and everything is a teacher, and all ideas and thoughts are teachable moments.”

Jess, Pre-Kinder Room Leader.

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