Riverdancing at Pelican Childcare Mount Martha


At Pelican Childcare in Mount Martha we celebrated St Patricks Day with face painting, green themed dress, and artwork as well as through our interpretation of Riverdance.  Our educators aren’t just good at educating our next generation; they are also fantastic interpretive dancers! Please click on the video below to view our very own St Patricks Day Flash Mob!

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Riverdance is a theatrical show consisting mainly of traditional Irish music and dance. Featuring Irish dancing champions Jean Butler and Michael Flatley, and with a score composed by Limerick native Bill Whelan, it originated as an interval performance during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Shortly afterwards husband and wife production team John McColgan and Moya Doherty expanded it into a stage show, which opened in Dublin on 9 February 1995.

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Links to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Frameworks

Our Early Childhood Professionals build on children’s interests, abilities, cultures and previous learning experiences to extend their thinking, learning and development.

Outcome 4: Learning

Our children are engaging in co-construct learning, and are developing an ability to mirror, repeat and practise the actions of others, either immediately or later.

Links to the National Quality Standard

Quality Area 2: Children’s Health and Safety

Standard/Element 2.2.2

Physical activity is promoted through planned and spontaneous experiences and is appropriate for each child.


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