Our Pelican Mount Martha Worm Farm

Our children at Pelican Childcare Mount Martha gathered around the worm farm and listened as Rachel read the instructions of how to care for our worms. We learned that worms don’t like citrus or meat.1

 We put our worms into their new home and covered them with some damp paper, then we went to get our fruit scraps form the morning. “Take the orange out, we can’t put orange in!” our children instructed Rachel.

Rachel put on a glove and went through our fruit scraps removing the orange before the children helped spread the worm friendly scraps over the new worm farm.

Early Years Learning Framework

Learning Outcome 2- Community

Our children demonstrate an increasing knowledge of and respect for natural environments.


Our children broaden their understanding of the world in which they live & express an opinion in matters that affect them.

Worm Friendly Foods


  • Food scraps
  • Chopped fruit and vegetables
  • (Except onions and citrus)
  • Egg shells
  • Shredded and soaked cardboard
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds and filters
  • Shredded newspaper

Practices and Principles

At Pelican Mt Martha we believe that our role is to be educators and to involve children in their learning in a safe, secure, homely, nurturing environment.

We do this by using the EYLF as a guide to help support children’s wellbeing and understanding to their environment, and that the centre is an extension of their home and community environments. 

Sustainable Skills

“Sustainability is often thought about in terms of environmental sustainability—reducing waste, minimising consumption and protecting and conserving wildlife and natural habitats. Sustainability is not just about conservation but also about related issues of fairness and equity and the importance of thinking about our impact on the lives of future generations.”


National Quality Standards

Quality Area 3- Standard 3.3

Element 3.3.1 Sustainable practices are embedded in service operations. 

Element 3.3.2 Children are supported to become environmentally responsible and to show care for the environment.

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