The Super Sandwich from Pelican Mt Martha

Last week during group time the children chose a book called ‘The Super Sandwich” to read, once the book was finished Kacey asked the children what they like on their sandwiches.

“Jamamite”, “Sticky Jam”, “Egg” and “Butter” were some of the responses.

 The next week we decided to prepare some sandwich toppings for the children to be able to make their own for afternoon tea. There was a selection of vegemite, jam, egg and mayo, cheese, ham, tomato and cucumber to choose from to make their delicious sandwiches.

One by one the children had a turn, they used tongs to pick their toppings off the platter to put on their sandwich and a knife to spread the vegemite, egg and jam before Chev assisted them in cutting their sandwich in half if they wanted it cut. It was a great experience and the children thoroughly enjoyed being able to have full control of what they wanted on their sandwich even if some were a little unusual and most wanted seconds.

Some of the combinations chosen were “Egg, Cucumber and Jam”, “Jam, Vegemite and Egg”, “Cheese and Jam”, “Vegemite”.


Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and wellbeing for their own health and wellbeing.

Children effectively engage in activities requiring fine motor and physical activities.

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