Monthly Archives: December 2014

Craft Corner – Fans of Summer

child care craft

Fans are simple, rudimentary tools that have often been used as a method to keep people cool during the warmer times of the year. Over time, they have fanned out to become an easel on which to express yourself artistically. Our craft idea this month champions creative expression with a practical output in the form […]


Recipe’s for Children

This year we have made some wonderful recipes designed to tickle tiny tummies and involve children more in cooking to get them more interested in and talking about both wholesome foods and “sometimes” foods! Recipes for children don’t need to be complicated, loaded with sugar or over the top to get their attention or appeal […]


The Super Sandwich from Pelican Mt Martha

child care creation

Last week during group time the children chose a book called ‘The Super Sandwich” to read, once the book was finished Kacey asked the children what they like on their sandwiches. “Jamamite”, “Sticky Jam”, “Egg” and “Butter” were some of the responses.  The next week we decided to prepare some sandwich toppings for the children […]