Weaving Spiderwebs at Pelican Childcare Lynbrook

At Pelican Childcare Lynbrook the Toddler 2 room did an extension to our previous frame weaving project (that is now hanging in the hallway). During the lead up to Halloween, had the Educators prepared a spider web weaving activity. The children chose their own wool from a large selection of colours of to use to weave through paper plates. (Educator)Elissa had prepared all the plates using scissors and a hole punch.


Elissa encouraged all children to participate in this fun learning experience, taking turns as it was a one-on-one experience with the educator. After children selected their colour wool Elissa cut a long piece of string and tied it onto the plate, Elissa then guided the children to hold the end of the string and then select a hole that they wanted to thread through. Elissa demonstrated to the children how to ‘pinch’ the end of the string and to use their other free hand to grab the string on the other side of the plate and pull it through.

Elissa and children celebrated their achievements with peers in the room and experienced success. This activity was a great learning experience for the children as they were able to extend their fine motor skills and further develop their threading ability. This activity taught the children patience and to preserver when faced with challenging experiences!


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