Arts and Crafts at Pelican Mt Martha Early Education

On Monday Michelle had the pleasure of being back in the Kinder3 room. Together we got creative; recycling old paver stones to create our own beautiful and unique paver designs. The children were enthusiastic and creative participants and enjoyed engaging in a beneficial learning art experience.

The activity was age appropriate and open ended; allowing for different levels of interest, creativity and ability. The experience focused on the use of indoor and outdoor materials to create art. An aesthetically inviting space was created outdoors to encourage curiosity and exploration; bottles of Acrylic spray paint and beautiful shiny stones in the theme of Indigenous colours promoted the present focus in the room at the moment. It was wonderful to be outside in the fresh air with these gorgeous art mediums and large, open creative space.

The activity provided endless exploration and the discovery of indoor and outdoor mediums as tools in art. The children had the freedom to discover their creativity; exploring the patterns of the spray paint onto the brick pavers, mixing coloured paint together and creating shapes and designs with no restrictions or expectations. The use of different stone textures provided little hands a different art medium to discover; further stimulating the experience.

There was lots of mess, spraying, sticking and designing; developing eye hand coordination and fine motor skills, supporting their development in the EYLF outcome of Wellbeing. The children exercised their curiosity and creativity In the EYLF outcome of Learning; demonstrating a sense of wonder as they showed Michelle what they were discovering with the spray paint and textured surfaces. Enjoyable conversations of exploration and discovery of colour mixing, texture, pattern and design with Michelle developed communication skills; demonstrating that in the EYLF outcome of Communication, they are able to interact verbally and contributing to their art experience.

This activity produced a beautiful path comprising of unique and individual paver designs which is exhibited in the kinder 3 outdoor play area.

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