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Cooking Meets Craft at Pelican Childcare

child care cooking craft

Who says you can’t play with your food? To add a little Christmas flare to our seasonal topics, we combined the healthiness of strawberries with the chewiness of marshmallows with our aptly titled: Santaberries! For the PDF version CLICK HERE! Ingredients: – 1 x punnet of strawberries– a bag of marshmallows– tubes of icing– a […]


Christmas Craft at Pelican Childcare

Sometimes the best presents are presents from the heart, crafted from the hands. Help your child to make a Christmas wreath this silly season to welcome all your friends and family to your holiday celebrations! Materials Paper Plates Tissue Paper Paint (various colours but green is a must) Glue, HINT: We have a recipe for […]


Story Learning at Pelican Mt Martha

child care stories

“This month the children have been learning about the caterpillar evolving into a butterfly. We have watched multiple documentary’s, read books and have done a lot of research on the caterpillars habitat.  The children are confident and involved learners in this topic, they have had so many fantastic ideas such as making a caterpillar enclosure, […]


Arts and Crafts at Pelican Mt Martha

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Art and Crafty Times at Pelican Mt Martha! On Monday Michelle from Pelican Mt Martha had the pleasure of being reunited with her friends in the Kinder room. Together we got creative; producing some beautiful pieces of Batik. The children were enthusiastic and creative participants and enjoyed engaging in a beneficial learning art experience. Why Batik? The activity […]