Rice Paper Rolls at Pelican Childcare Early Learning Centre

Ensure that all surfaces are clean and that hands have been washed. 2 chopping boards will be needed, one for the chicken and one for the vegetables. A printable version can be found here.


  • Carrot
  • Red onion
  • Green beans 
  • Capsicum – red, green or yellow (yellow may look more impressive). 
  • Mango – optional 
  • Avocado – optional 
  • One packet of rice paper rolls – found in Asian section. 
  • Soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce (trident sweet chilli is the preferred brand). 


  1. Cut the chicken into strips that are approximately 5-7cm in length and 2cm in width. 
  1. Vegetable preparation


  • Carrot -wash, peel and  cut into approximately 5cm thin strips. 
    Red onion – peel outer layer off and slice thinly. 
  • Green beans – wash and thinly slice lengthways. 
  • Capsicum – wash and thinly slice lengthways.
  • Mango – cut the two sides (cheeks) off and slice the flesh into cubes scoop away from outer skin. 
  • Avocado – thinly slice into strips.



  1. A large bowl is required for dipping the rice paper rolls. Half fill the bowl with hot- warm water approximately 65-70 degrees. Place one rice paper roll in at a time and let sit in the water for 20-30 seconds or until just soft. Drain off excess water and place on a clean surface.



  1. Place desired ingredients – chicken first in the middle of the rice paper roll ensuring that there is a 3 cm gap from the base of the roll. After the desired filling has been added fold up the base, fold in the sides and roll up to enclose the filling. Place on a clean tray. Repeat  until all the ingredients have been used. Serve with soy and or sweet chilli sauce for dipping. The two may be combined for a sweet soy sauce. 



The remaining rolls may be kept for lunches the next day – store in an air tight container, and place some damp paper towel over the top of the rolls. This will prevent the rolls from drying out. Enjoy!


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