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Pelican Childcare Deer Park – Where learning takes flight

Our long day care and early learning centre offers child care in a modern setting that is perfect for families living or commuting past Deer Park or nearby suburbs Derrimut, Truganina and Sunshine West.

With so much happening in our families lives we understand how busy this can be, so we offer a stress-free all-inclusive early education experience. From nutritious meals, nappies and wipes to extracurricular programs including Happy Feet music and dance, cooking, yoga, and hip hop – this is all included in the daily fee.

See where learning takes flight at Pelican Childcare Deer Park. Book a tour today to see everything our centre has to offer.

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Why you’ll love Pelican Childcare Deer Park

Pelican Deer Park Childcare & Day Care Centre - Outdoor play area Pelican Deer Park Daycare & Child Care Near Me - Healthy Meals
Outdoor play area Chef prepared meals – incl. halal
Pelican Deer Park Child & Day Care - Extracurricular activities Pelican Deer Park Kindergarten & Preschool Centre
Extracurricular programs Kindergarten program
Pelican Deer Park Childcare Centre Near Me (On-site Parking) Pelican Deer Park Preschool & Kindergarten Near Me - Phone Updates
Onsite parking Daily updates to your phone
  • Highly qualified educators who come from diverse cultural backgrounds and speak a range of languages. Our team is committed to developing a strong relationship with your family to ensure your child’s learning experience is customised to their individual needs.
  • A holistic play-based curriculum guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for children from nursery through to kindergarten.
  • Spacious indoor and outdoor play areas featuring a large natural yard with forts, vegetable garden and play equipment for children to explore.
  • Fees inclusive of nappies, wipes, bedding and nutritious meals.
  • Healthy meals prepared daily by our chef. Halal options available.
  • A kindergarten program taught by a qualified early childhood teacher. The curriculum will prepare your child socially and emotionally for their transition to primary school.
  • Daily updates and photos are provided on our app so you never miss a moment of child’s learning and development.
  • Specialised programs including Little Sports Heroes, Cooking, Yoga and community walks.
  • We proudly provide flexible hours (9-hour, 10-hour or full-day session) to allow families to make the most out of their Child Care Subsidy.
  • A sustainability program that teaches children a sense of responsibility and connection to the world around them.

Call our Family Support Specialist team today or drop into our centre at your convenience to meet our team to find out more about us.

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Meet the Centre Manager – Rebecca Newton

Deer Park Childcare Centre Manager - Pelican

Hello all, I began my early childhood education and care career in 1996. I have a Diploma in Childrens Services and been working in child care for over 25 years. I have been at Pelican child care for over 10 years.

I enjoy helping care for and nurture the children around me, which led to my passion for working with children. As a mother of three children myself, I absolutely adore children and have the opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives. Seeing them develop and grow to become who they are, are moments I cherish and has further fueled my dedication to early learning.

As an early educator, I have learnt that all children are different—they learn and develop in different ways and in their own time.

I am passionate about providing a program developed around play-based and intentional teaching moments in line with the Early Years Learning Framework. A curriculum that encourages and challenges children to develop their skills in a nurturing and safe environment.

I work with families and communities to nurture our connectedness with our community and environments, learning about and enriching the children’s knowledge.

Our team loves playing an active role in the development and growth of young children. The team is devoted to helping care for and nurture the children around us. We look forward to sharing this early learning journey with you and your family.

We know it can be hard for young children and their families when starting at a new child care centre. That’s why we invite our families to be part of our ongoing curriculum. They can come in to share a story or share their culture or even be part of our excursions and incursions. We include family input in our curriculum as well. At the orientation, families are made comfortable by having friendly conversations about their children and inviting them to a tea or coffee. Ongoing communication and working together for the child’s needs are key to building good relationships with our families. We also do parent educator meetings to enable families to be part of their child’s learning journey. Parent feedback is always welcome for our quality improvement.


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Rooms and Facilities

Pelican Childcare Deer Park provides early education and care for children from nursery age through to kindergarten. Each room has been designed and set up to provide the best early learning experience for your little one.

Our Nursery rooms provide:

  • A homely, safe and secure environment.
  • Experienced and nurturing educators who care deeply about children’s wellbeing and growth.
  • Activities designed to enhance physical and cognitive development, including tummy time, sensory play, music, singing, rhymes and reading.
  • Children’s individual routine get followed.

Our Toddler rooms offer:

  • Play-based activities including music, movement, memory and construction games that are designed to support sensory-motor and cognitive development.
  • Enhanced social skills and self-confidence through group play.
  • The continuous development of language skills through reading and open-ended questions.
  • Real-life and play-based experiences that allow children to explore basic literacy and numeracy concepts.

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten rooms provide:

  • A Kindergarten program with a strong curriculum focused on acquiring literacy, numeracy and social skills.
  • Interest-based learning led by children which puts them in charge of their early education experience.
  • Play-based opportunities to enhance social skills and emotional development.
  • A transition-to-school program.

See where learning takes flight at Pelican Childcare Deer Park. Book a tour today to see everything our centre has to offer.

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Hear from our families

“We just wanted to say a very big thank you for all you do with making our time with you so special. It’s not only comforting but also beautiful to see our daughter loved and looked after by everyone that is apart of your very special team at Pelican Deer Park. To see Audrey so happy when we pick her up and when we drop her off, the happiness on her face in the beautiful pictures you guys take of her daily enjoying herself with her friends and not to mention the new things she is leaning everyday just makes us so happy to have chosen Pelican. Nurturing our child and teaching her right from wrong and showing her so much love is just a few things that are very important to us and one of the reasons we bring her daily with no stress at all, knowing she is definitely in the very best of care. Thank you again for everything you do with Audrey and I’m very sure many of the other parents that also bring their children here feel the exact same way.”

  • Adriana and Ahmed


“We just wanted to take the time and thank everyone at Pelican Childcare for taking such great care of our baby girl. It gives us great peace of mind to know that she is in good hands while we are at work. The staff are wonderful and always very polite and helpful. We highly recommend this childcare to all other parents who decide to enrol their child in childcare.”

  • Peeyu and Ashish


“Both my girls started at Pelican Childcare Deer Park since they’re 8 months old. The staff have always been approachable, friendly, have great communication and just love the kids. Both of my girls have learnt a lot from this centre. The environments of the centre are very safe, loveable ad hygienic. The staff are intelligent and warm, they genuinely care for the children and are nurturing and respectful. Deer Park is like a second family to us, which is so important to me knowing my girls are in the best hands while I’m at work. I strongly recommend Pelican Childcare Deer Park for all parents/guardians out there.”

  • Diem


“When my daughter first started, like most kids she was a bit scared starting a new centre and making new friends, she gradually became more comfortable week after week and before I knew it she was fine. I believe the teachers/carers played a huge role in making Meleane feel comfortable, I was amazed at how much she was learning on a daily basis, when she first started she could not tell the difference from the letter A or B and within a short period of time she was familiar with the Alphabet, the sound of the letter and a word to match each letter.

Meleane was coming home and telling me all these new things she was learning at the centre, she would practice writing the letters of the Alphabet at home and was very keen to get it right, also singing songs and making new friends was one of many highlights Meleane has had during her time at the centre. I could not believe how much Meleane was learning in a short amount of time from insects, colours, words, animals, being independent, she became so confident in her ability to learn and improve new skills.

Myself and her father are extremely happy with the progress Meleane has made during her time at the centre and we would highly recommend Pelican Deer Park. We believe that Meleane is more than ready to start Prep School and are very confident she has learnt all the necessary means to start her new journey at Prep. On behalf of myself and Meleane’s dad we would like to say thank you for everything you have done for Meleane and for being a part of building that foundation for her to begin this next step.”

  • Elizabeth and Sitaleki


When your child is not in your care, you want to know that they are happy and being looked after well in your absence. You definitely get this peace-of-mind with Pelican Childcare. My 13-month-old doesn’t like to see me leave, but by the time I’m at my car I can see him laughing happily with one of the carers and he’s always playing with the other children when I pick him up. Like any parent, I have my way of doing things and the staff have been incredible at accommodating my requests and maintaining my son’s routine. But the most important thing is that everyone at this centre loves their work and my son is thriving as a result.”

  • Stacey


“For the last few years my experience with the centre has been exceptional. It puts me at ease knowing that when I drop my children off to go to work they are in good hands! Thank you to Anthony’s teachers in the nursery, he is so comfortable being there and he loves you all. As hard as it has been the last couple of weeks with Aleyah’s transition to Junior Kinder, I wanted to extend a special thank you to ALL her teachers from Pre-Kinder who are helping me at drop off every morning. I appreciate all the tips about teething, advice I’ve received about toilet training even the smallest things you guys tell me are so helpful!! So once again Thank You!!”

  • Sue


“As a parent i am very happy with the staff looking after my child, I trust the staff with my children and the staff are very hard work. I have a fussy husband and he is extremely happy with the care that is given to my daughter. Overall we are happy with the care, and we feel that are child is begin looked after well and is in safe hand.”

  • Afsheen


Like any new mum, I was nervous about the prospect of leaving my daughter (1 year old at the time) in the care of someone else for any period of time, let alone 5 days a week! I will admit, it was one of the hardest things for me to go through, but I knew that she would be in good hands. The staff at Pelican have always shown the utmost respect and care for my daughter and her well-being and the open door policy put me at ease knowing that I can pop in anytime to check up on my daughter if need be. I’m happy to say, after the first 2 weeks at daycare, she went from crying at the sight of seeing me leave to waving goodbye to me every morning! This confirmed that my daughter was comfortable in her new environment, she had developed trust with the staff that takes care of her and most importantly she is safe and happy. I couldn’t ask for more from a day care centre and I would recommend all my friends and family to enrol their children with Pelican Childcare.”

  • Dai


Learn, play and see your child spread their wings at Pelican Childcare Deer Park. Book a tour today to see everything our centre has to offer.

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Please note: filling in this form does not guarantee a place. We recommend visiting a centre for a tour and meeting our friendly educators.