Room changes at Deer Park

We have a note for parents at Deer Park whose children would have recently moved to their new room from Monday 3rd of February.

  • We will be changing the Junior Kinder room to a 30 place room, so the children will now be in the old Kinder room.
  • The kinder room is now a 15 place room and the children will move into the old Junior Kinder room.
  • The Kinder room will strictly be a 4 year old Kinder, so your child must be moving to Prep the following year to be in the Kinder room. This is to reduce the amount of children that do 2 years in Kinder.
  • We will be also changing the name of Toddler to Pre Kinder One and Pre Kinder to Pre Kinder 2.
  • The Nursery will now be from 6 weeks to 18 months, Pre kinder One will be 18 months to 30 months and Pre Kinder Two will be 30 months to 36 months.


The new room allocations are as follows:

Nursery – Mena (Lead Educator) & Puneet (Qualified Assistant)

Pre Kinder One (Toddler) –  Mala (Lead Educator) & Liana (Qualified Assistant)

Pre Kinder Two (Pre Kinder) – Rajnesh (Lead Educator), Aman (Lead Educator), Espi (Qualified Assistant) & Michael (Qualified Assistant).

Junior Kinder – Rebecca (Lead Educator) & Mel (Qualified Assistant)

Kinder – Dilhara (Kinder Teacher) & Margaret (Diploma Trained)

Breaks – Sunita (Diploma Trained) & Tuyet (Diploma Trained)


If you have any questions, please feel free to either contact Management or your children’s room educators.

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