Our educators plan their curriculum based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

The framework is national and acknowledges the importance of early childhood development and ensures children in our care receive programs that will benefit their communication and language skills and well as encourage social and emotional development.

There are three concepts that come from the Early Years Learning Framework and that is Belonging, Being and Becoming.

  • Belonging acknowledges children’s interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities.
  • Being recognises the significance of the here and now in children’s lives.
  • Becoming reflects the process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years as young children learn and grow.

The activities designed by our educators offer opportunities for children to guide their own learning based on their interests and skill level.

School Readiness Program

Our care and education centres are proud to have qualified Kindergarten teachers that run fully funded kindergarten programs. Our commitment to quality child care has the industries best staff aspiring to be employed with us.

We believe … every day should be an adventure and fun whilst preparing our children for school.

Our Kindergarten program provides an opportunity for your child to socialise with an extended group of peers, and to participate in an educational program in a kinder room designed to enhance learning and overall development.

Our program has a strong focus on pre-maths and pre-language skills. We practice creative problem-solving, encourage independence, decision making, effective communication and co-operation. As well as building confidence and self-esteem.

It’s our aim to build interest in literacy and maths and, through the enthusiasm of the individual child, prepare for the transition to school.

Developmental portfolio

Each child receives a personal development portfolio as a record of their achievements at the centre.

The portfolio includes a collection of observations, photos, artwork and other examples of the child’s learning and development.

You are welcome to view and discuss your child’s portfolio at any time. At the end of each year, this will be your to keep.

Age appropriate services

Our centres were purposely built with our young clientele in mind including our architecturally designed outdoor play areas.

Our rooms are designed to enhance learning and overall development and are equipped with state of the art equipment and resources to meet the developmental needs at each stage of early childhood.

Our activities are as endless as your child’s imagination.


Early Childhood professionals

We understand the importance of consistency and stability with your child’s educator and we aim to have the highest staff retention rates in the industry.

We believe … in looking after your children as well as you do.

Our educators are qualified, caring and are committed to ensuring the highest standard of care and education to your child.

Our educators enhance each child’s learning through their ideas, interests, strengths and abilities whilst they play.

Parent Teacher communication

We encourage all communication between our educators and families. We aim to create a ‘homelike’ experience and appreciate any information you can provide to ensure your child is happy and comfortable in our care.

Details that are important include information on sleeping habits, toilet practices and health and safety issues. This information will be discussed regularly with your educator as necessary.

In addition to informal chats, parent/ educator interviews will also be offered to allow you the opportunity to further discuss achievements, concerns and general topics.

We also welcome regular calls for parents who like to check on their child’s progress throughout the day.

We are always here to help.