Recipe’s for Children

This year we have made some wonderful recipes designed to tickle tiny tummies and involve children more in cooking to get them more interested in and talking about both wholesome foods and “sometimes” foods!


Recipes for children don’t need to be complicated, loaded with sugar or over the top to get their attention or appeal to their tastes. Once your child is engaged in the activity, you have them engaged with the food they eat and that is fundamental to their relationship with food for life.

Find all of our recipes for 2014 listed below and enjoy!

Cooking activities allow children to achieve several learning outcomes based on the EYLF.

Learning Outcome One – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
Group cooking activities help develop children’s sense of belonging by encouraging turn taking and cooperation.

Learning Outcome Two – Children are connected to and contribute to their world

Food is often based on cultural practice, therefore including your child in both your and other cultures enables them to identify with their family and friends as well as acknowledge and connect with other cultures.

Learning Outcome Three – Children have a strong sense of wellbeing and Outcome Four – Children are confident and involved learners

Teaching children about wholesome foods, healthy eating, and tying it together with engaging activities, allows them to be the decision maker in their food choices: knowing the difference between treats and ongoing nutrition for their bodies. Reinforcing healthy options at a young age can only be a positive thing for the future as children learn the benefits of healthy foods that are delicious and beneficial. They will then also be able to plan meals or recipes for themselves with their newfound knowledge as well as an interest and willingness to try new flavours with an ever expanding pallet.

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